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1168 Ryuboshi, Koka-shi, Shiga, 520-3311, Japan

Yoshitomo Arai, President and CEO


SHINWA SEIKO CO., Ltd., SSP’s parent company, dates back to Arai Seisakusho, founded in Kyoto in 1940.
For eighty years since that time, the company has specialized in precision metal machining, adapting to an ever-changing market and meetings the needs of diverse customers.
Today, the company is based in Koka, Shiga Prefecture, where it inherits that enthusiasm for craftsmanship.

(Current major clients: in addition to working with many mega skyscrapers around the world in the field of vertical conveyance systems, we perform maintenance on Tokyo Skytree and wind power systems in Japan. We handle large lighting fixture solutions for concert halls and theaters, and develop specialized solutions for acoustic equipment and trusses. In the field of ground transportation systems, we are engaged in manufacturing processes for the shipyard and automotive sectors; in creating mobile dolly stations for space rocket assembly sites; in assembly of large-scale passenger aircraft; in equipment used on the ground at airports; in door opening and closure devices used in large-scale concrete doors for aircraft storage sheds; and in large-scale collision testing machines. In the field of bridge technology, we work on bridge relocation, construction of large-scale roofs, and restoration of cultural properties. Our work has included repair and conservation of the Tomioka Silk Mill and Higashi Hongan-ji Temple.)

In 2018, our firm launched a new global venture, drawing on our long years of technical expertise and creative thinking.
The result of that venture is SSP (Sinwa Sound Product).
SSP specializes in developing, manufacturing, and selling classical instrument components.

We rapidly brought the SSP Socket and SSP Endpin to market and garnered acclaim from professional musicians and instrument manufacturers, who heralded our products as the finest.

We continue to actively incorporate feedback from double bass specialty shops and professional musicians in order to refine these products.

In order to protect our products and ensure that customers do not get tricked into purchasing lesser imitations, the Click-System and Slip-On System are patent pending in Japan and overseas.