(Customers' opinions) Tetsu Suzuki

About SSP Endpins and Sockets

My opinion as a musical instrument maker and repair person.

In short, I think this is a wonderful product.
There are many types of contrabass and cello sockets and endpins made by other manufacturers, but none of them can come close to SSP's level of precision.
The operability and usability of the click system and slip-on system are features that no other manufacturer can match, and the usability is significantly improved.

Most importantly, the sound, which is the most important for the musical instrument, is dramatically improved.

I was shocked when I first tried it.
It is the same for professional musicials and everyone was equally surprised and wondering "why, just with this? " and top-class musicians decide to purchase it immediately.
Not only are people delighted that the sound improved but, everyone asks why?

and says "it's fun to play instruments" with this.

This is tells the story of how amazing this product is.
Of course, I am myself using all SSP products for all of the instruments that I make. There really is no other choice.

[ Profile ]

In Cremona, Italy, I mainly make and repair double bass instruments and bows.
I travelled to Italy in 2004 and studied at an instrument manufacturing school in Cremona.
In 2011 I opened my own workshop in Cremona and in 2016, I opened a workshop in Tokyo, Japan.
There is an ideal sound for me. I make not only instruments but also bows to approach this ideal.

I produce excellent musical instruments so that musicians can play them and make beautiful music. By doing this, I am wishing for the happiness of musicians and all those who listen to their music.

2007 Concorso CITTA’ DI PISOGNE The double base section first place

2013 ISB (international society of bassist)Maker’s competition Silver medal for Tone

2015 ISB Maker’s competition Silver medal for Tone

VSA(Violin society of America) member

ISB(International society of Bassist) member

JISMA member
KSIMA member